Signs of troubled relationship

Finding things quite confusing.
Feeling like the relationship has run its course.
Not being honest with yourself.
Pretending to be happy.
Afraid over what the next step is going to be.

These signs of a troubled relationship can plague the person and put strain on a possibly damaged relationship, one of the most common feelings is guilt over lying and hiding ones true feelings over the relationship and its status, see, at first there was a great deal of love in the relationship, but now there are a lot of mixed feelings and factors that are contributing to the mixed feelings that one is feeling.

If you have begun to consider your troubled relationship, it is important to brainstorm what sort of things that you want and what you do not want in your relationship, the list can include not wanting to be cheated on, abused, ignored, and so on.

Once you have a list of your wants and desires, you need to go through them and identify those which you truly want and do not want, you need to figure out what sort of situation you are in and whether or not it will continue on its track, observe your partner and try and figure out if they are capable of growth and doing their part to help turn your troubled relationship around, they will need to be able to contribute to the repair of the relationship and move it forward.

If things are really bad, then you need to step back and see things with a clear head, this may simply involve separating temporarily, so that you and your partner can take the time alone to evaluate the situation without distraction, without having to live together and deal with all of the stresses of being together, both of you will have a clearer head which will provide the basis for a true evaluation of the situation.

If you find that you and your significant other are capable of making things work in your troubled relationship, make sure that you and your partner are open and communicative, without communication, it will be more difficult.

A troubled relationship does not necessarily mean that the end is near, what it does mean is that you and your partner need to take the steps to work things out and move the relationship forward, whether that is towards its end or continuation.

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