How to Get Over Someone Fast

Here are some things you can do to speed up the process.

When you’re wondering how to get over someone, sit in a chair in your living room or bedroom, wherever there’s a very strong sense of the other person, remove anything that reminds you of that person a great deal, this isn’t always easy to do, but every little bit helps, anything your ex bought for you that’s on display like a knick-knack or something hanging on the wall would be a good thing to remove for a while.

If you have lots of things that will remind you of your ex, you’re probably wondering how to get over someone without making your rooms completely bare, but even if you picked out practically everything together, you don’t have to remove everything to make this work, just choose items that have particularly strong memories.

Maybe you picked out the couch together, but it’s one of the throw pillows that you bought or the figurine on the end table he or she gave you as a gift that seems to make you feel sad when you look at it, remove those items and store them for a while, just to make things easier on you.

If you are having a really hard time and feel that you can handle it, you can think of all your ex’s bad qualities, of all the methods of how to get over someone, this is the one where you actually think of your ex the most, so if just the very thought of them brings you to tears you might not be ready for this step, think of the things you disliked the most about them, if you cannot think of anything, just move on, but most of us can come up with a long list of things we dislike about someone, especially if they were the ones to end the relationship.

A popular method of how to get over someone is to simply start dating again, many people balk at this idea, they think they still love the ex and aren’t ready, you can do this even if you are still in love with your ex, no one says you have to fall in love anytime soon, but dating or even going out with friends is not just how to get over someone, it’s how to keep from feeling sorry for yourself while you try.

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