Show Some Tenderness to Get Lover Back

To get lover back you may have to try a little tenderness if the relationship ended with an explosion. Maybe the end of the marriage or the relationship resulted in a lot of hurt feelings and fights that resulted in some emotional pain. It could be there was something tragic that happened that caused the breakup. There may have been some wrong committed that caused humiliation for either party. Whatever the case, feelings were and probably still are hurt and if you want to get lover back, you will have to work gently and try to help heal the wounds that are there.

To get lover back you may have to take a close look at both yourself and them. There may be some things about you and the way that you are likely to handle the situation that could make matters worse. It could be things that you don’t realize. There could also be some things that the one you love are struggling with that may have made them a little fragile. Even though they may not seem like big deals to you, for some reason they are to them.

Before you make any attempts at reconciliation, take a good look at yourself. It may mean that you have to go seek not only relationship advice but trying to get help on finding areas for improvement that you have. You have to be open to criticisms and accept that they may be right. You have to ask someone, “What are the best things for me to work on so that I can get ex back?” Be ready for any reaction you might get. Will it bother you to hear those things? Maybe, but it will do you good and will help you to get lover back. Take the advice seriously and learn to be more sensitive.

Whatever the person you love may be feeling, it is real to them. Understand that they have something that is deeply troubling them and come to them softly and tenderly. When they get upset, don’t react. Fighting back or getting emotional won’t do anything to help you get ex back. It will only drive you apart. You have to learn how to nurture them and help them heal. You will also have to give them the time and space that they need. The tenderest touch that someone can get isn’t physical at all. It comes with a sense that you understand and that you are there for them.

There is a time for knocking some sense into someone but there is also a time for showing some tenderness and compassion. Know when those moments are and try to find the best way to act in them. True love will often require you to act and respond to things that don’t seem natural to you. If the relationship is important, you will make those adjustments. Tenderness may not come to you naturally but one way or another, you will probably have to learn how if you want to get lover back.

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