How to Get Over Guy – Steps for Moving On

Here are some steps to get over a guy you still like.

You need to let out the hurt. You must know that it is okay to cry when you are trying to get over a guy, some people keep a journal of their experiences because writing about the pain helps, one thing that some people do that is very effective is to write a long letter about the relationship to their ex boyfriend, talking about the good times and the bad times, letting it all out, when they have finished the letter, they don’t send it, that is right, they burn it, do the same thing, let flames consume the letter, that provides excellent closure to the relationship.

Next, you have to decide that the relationship is really over, if you hold on to the thought that he will change and come back to you, you will never get over that guy and move on, do something that symbolizes the finality of the end of the relationship, a good example of this is to exchange all of the personal property that you have of the other person, don’t even keep the oversized t-shirt of his that is so comfortable for sleeping in, and if there are things to minor to exchange (like a toothbrush), throw them away, clear your place of all of his things, it is a way of clearing him from your life.

You need to depend on your friends through this time, until you meet your husband, guys will come and go, but your good friends are forever, if you have been in a hot and heavy relationship, you may have inadvertently ignored your friends for a time, not only will your girls help you get over guy, but reconnecting will be good for your social life, also your friends might have had similar experiences to your break up, sharing their pain will help you understand that, however bad the hurt you are experiencing, others have survived and you will too.

You will probably have extra time on your hands now that you have broken up, if you used to spend a lot of time with your ex, use this time productively to get over guy, go to the gym and get your body in shape, take up a new hobby, one of the best things you can do during this period is to join a group or a class, not only does a class take up the time you would have spent with your ex, but it also introduces you to a new circle of friends.

When you want to get over a guy, the best thing you can do is move on, between your old friends, the new friends you make in your class or hobby, and the activities you do to fill up your time, you will emerge as a new person, moving on is the best way to get over a guy.

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