Tips to Build Trust in a Relationship

The following tips are guaranteed to grow your connection by improving the level of trust in a relationship.

First, you need to be predictable, predictability is more important than variety in a relationship, this goes against the common notion that you need to ‘stir things up’ to keep the love alive, sure going to a new restaurant or giving a surprise gift can be nice, but most of all, we need things to be consistent and steady in order to make our relationships work, consider that trust in a relationship is built on being reliable day in and day out.

Next, you need to make sure that your words always match the message, this means that your partner needs to hear the words which match your body language, if you say you are happy but you are frowning, your partner doesn’t hear your words, he or she sees your face and the tone in your voice, your partner needs to be able to trust what you are saying, when the words match the message, you build trust in a relationship.

You need to have a fundamental belief in your partner’s competency, if you don’t you will not have the trust in a relationship that you need, when lovingly communicated, the truth is never destructive, when you do not believe that your partner is competent at some things or indeed, anything, you violate the trust in a relationship.

Don’t keep secrets, secrets destroy the trust in a relationship, be honest and open, assume everything you know some day will eventually come out, secrets require enormous energy on your part, energy that could be going into building the relationship, don’t be afraid to let your partner know what your needs are, don’t make him or her guess what you need, let them know, it is okay to be self-centered as long as you are not selfish, indeed, if you are reluctant to assert your needs, you may go overboard in the opposite direction and smother your partner.

Learn to say no, when your partner voices his or her needs, that is a good thing, but you don’t need to say yes to everything, a partner cannot respect you if you never say no, refusing to be subjugated to the other person’s will actually build trust in a relationship.

Always pursue growth, when you plant a flower, you begin by digging in the dirt, digging in the dirt of our relationships can sometimes cause pain, but through that pain, we prepare the soil for future growth, don’t be afraid of turmoil, crisis, or questions, these become the fertilizer for growth and change, embrace what is difficult.

When you decide to work on trust in a relationship, you are bound to encounter a little pain, but as you work through this pain, you will not only become stronger as an individual, you will also strengthen your coupledom.

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